In 2010, I turned 24.  I was obsessed with DIY and decor blogs, and my tiny apartment was full of half finished DIY and decor projects.  My boyfriend of the time bought me this domain for my birthday.  And has magically let it sit on his server ever since.

A lot has changed in the last seven years.  Several relationships.  Lots of traveling by myself.  New business and career.  Three moves.  Meeting Charlie.  Buying a house with him.  Destroying Renovating a house with him.  Planning a wedding with him.

Life feels really busy, in the best way.  But it also feels like the list of people who want updates and photos on our renovations is growing, and a blog is the easiest way to capture our progress.

So look forward to grainy iphone pics, lots of typos, big messes, and (hopefully) some exciting results!